#LiTgod Serious Lord

~The King of Crunk, Tommy Phillips IV,

Founder and CEO of Crunk Incorporated

(Listed @Dun&Bradstreet #081006209).

~Harry Herbert Pace was the founder of the first black record company in America, Pace Phonograph Corporation, which sold recordings under the Black Swan Records label. He was born on January 6, 1884 in Covington, Georgia. Covington is also the birth place of Tommy's mother and a special place for him. 

~Tommy Phillips IV was born in Atlanta, Georgia. On June 19, 1923, Fiddlin’ John Carson was tapped to record music at a pop-up studio at 152 Nassau Street in Atlanta for Okeh Music. His hit recording marked the first deliberate effort to market country music for a country audience.

~Tommy Phillips IV has done business in the music industry as APS Miracle, OG Crunk Serious Lord and #LiTgod Serious Lord. Pressing his first record up in 1997, He has provided career direction for Artisans and Musicians ever since.  After managing and writing for Lil Scrappy and CRIME MOB, Tommy received a label distribution deal from Warner Brothers and Reprise Records for Crime Mob in 2004; signing Diamond of Crime Mob to a solo deal in 2008. Tommy has written and produced for Lil Jon, Lil  Scrappy, DMX, and Trillville, as well as CRIME MOB. Tommy has indeed added to the Music the History of Georgia. 

~Tommy Phillips IV created CRUNK INC because of his love for music, but the word "crunk"​ can be traced back to 1972 in the Dr. Seuss book "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!". Dr. Seuss uses the term "Crunk-Car"​ as a means for the very sleepy lad Marvin, to Go off to dreamland. 
~Tommy has been in a "Dreamland" of sorts, highly influenced by Industry giants like Jack Gibson and Lyor Cohen. CRUNK INC is a RIAA® certified Platinum and Gold recording label and publisher. ONE OF THE FIRST RECORD LABELS IN MUSIC HISTORY TO BE RIAA CERTIFIED GOLD AND PLATINUM FOR MASTERTONE SALES (2006) for CRIME MOB's "KNUCK IF YOU BUCK". Our publishing houses are Heiress, Lordess, and Friends (ASCAP), Worldwide Platinum (BMI), and Intellectual Thinking Music (BMI). 

~Beyonce hand picked “Do It Like Me" by DLow to perform during her 2016 Superbowl 50 Halftime show...in 2017 we closed a deal with Atlantic Records for Zay Hilfiger who performs on CRUNK INC's "TZ Anthem-Juju on the Beat"...so indeed..... "Knuck If You Buck" was a Dream come True.